Birthday Make-Up Haul :)

Good evening my lovely Bon-Bons! Oh how I missed you!

I am so so so so extremely sorry for not posting an update on Face Off Episode 3. The cold really knocked me on my back and I had to just stay in bed for a few days. But I am back! Livelier than ever!

Now as the title says, today is my 19th birthday! So happy birthday to me! đŸ˜€

I got 40 dollars from my mom, so where else to go but to the mall right?

The only on my mind was, “how can I really stretch my dollar?” Plus, it’s my birthday! I wanted to pamper myself! First I went into this little boutique that had NYX cosmetics. I was jumping for joy because I have only heard good things about NYX, especially their blushes. One thing I still want to this day is the Crismon Amulet Collection they made for the movie Dark Shadows. If anyone has an unopened box, I will gladly take it out of your hands. đŸ˜€

Let’s get on with the haul shall we?

2013-02-03_19-53-02_247 First up is….. Ta-dah! Some new concealer. I have noticed that I am very picky about my concealers. I need the ultimate coverage because I have hyper-pigmentation under my eyes and around my lips. I know I can cancel it out with some color correctors, but I don’t have the kind of money to experiment with different products. When I tried the sample, it came out super creamy and blended in well with a scar I have on my wrist (from my cat, I swear!). For a stick concealer, it gave awesome coverage. I’ll have to do an update on this though because I need to see how long it can last with only some setting powder.

2013-02-03_19-48-59_246 A big thank you to my cat Wafers. He was an awesome model for me today. The second thing I picked out was the new NYX “mood” lip gloss. I saw a few Youtube Guru’s talking about this and I had to try it out. It starts off as a clear gloss, and I think the heat of your lips changes the color into a shade of a pretty mauve pink. I tried it out and it’s very shiny and extremely cute. It’s also not very sticky, so for me it was very comfortable. This will probably be my Go-To lip gloss from now on.

2013-02-03_19-53-32_471 2013-02-03_19-54-08_901

Next up are two lip liners that I picked out. I chose a nude pink color and a nice deep reddish plum color. The darker color is called “Burgundy” while the lighter color is “Nude Pink”. I don’t really know what to say because I’ve only ever worn a red lip liner under my red lipstick. They do look like beautiful colors though.

2013-02-03_19-51-25_398  Last but not least from NYX is a new eye shadow brush! I am in dire need of new brushes, especially for the eyes. All of the brushes I saw were very soft. The particular one I chose is labeled the B-15 “Smokie” brush. It’s super soft but super dense as well. I can’t to try it on a new eye look tomorrow! đŸ˜€

Now it’s time for my little slice of paradise! Even though I did want to stretch my dollar, as soon as I walked into Sephora, I couldn’t help myself. Now it may seem a little strange, but I like it and I can’t wait to fill it up!



I got the Urban Decay Customizable Palette. Yes it only has one eye shadow, but I don’t really play with eye shadows as much as it is. I think of it as my starting kit for some awesome shadows quads. The shadow I got along with it lovely taupe shade with some shimmer on it called “Breathless”. Awesome right? I am a neutral fanatic so I love the shadow.

2013-02-03_19-47-52_580 2013-02-03_19-55-19_629


Since it was my birthday and I am a part of Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program, I got some free samples! I got Benefit’s “They’re Real!” mascara and the “Watt’s Up!” Highlighter. There’s a lot of product in the highlighter sample. I think it’ll last me a long time since I only put on a small amount of highlighter on my cheekbones.

Well that’s it for the haul! I shall now label the prices and such in case some of you ladies have a tight budget, but want some new products too!


NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer – $5.99

NYX “Mood” Lip Gloss – $4.99

NYX Lip Liner Pencils – $1.99 each

NYX B-15 Shadow Brush – $5.99

Urban Decay Build Your Own Shadow Palatte – $18.00 (worth it!)

That’s it for today! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you guys are having an awesome day and I hope you have an awesome weekend as well!





The Magic of Make-Up

Hello my Bon-Bons! Today I am making a very quick post on how much you can really do with make-up. When most people(mainly guys) think of make-up, they think of girls who have caked on make-up with tacky drawn on eye brows and ugly hoochie red lips and nasty spider legs eye lashes! Excuse my while I shiver. Ugh.

Anyway so most people think of that. Only the bad stuff. But today I showed my girlfriends the simple changes you can do with make-up that look natural yet enhanced. I will use my friend, Dino as an example. (Names have been changed to protect the identity of this individual) So Dino has a a huge issue with acne. She hates it when she is breaking out and to make matter worse, she likes to pick at her pimples causing the skin to tear and leaving her acne scars. Another bad thing she does is pack on globs of make-up just to hide her acne, only causing her to break out even more. So as her friend, today i spent hours showing her right from wrong.

First thing I had her do, completely wash her face. That’s the secret to wonderful skin. Wash. Next I told her how applying too much make-up with out a primer can really damage the skin. So I applied a nice layer of primer, and then proceeded to apply her foundation. I used a small amount of foundation, dotting it around her face and then using a cosmetic sponge to blend everything out. I wish I could show you guys before and after pictures but not yet. Anyway, because I didn’t slather on the foundation, she had a nice even layer of full coverage foundation which helped to even out her skin tone and hide most of her blemishes. Because it wasn’t all cakey, her pimples didn’t stand out as much. Next I buffed in a small amount of mineral powder for extra coverage. She never really wore eye shadows, so defined her brows a bit, did a nice wing liner, added a soft berry color to her cheeks and finished off with a deep red lip.

Once she saw the finished products in the mirror, she was shocked at how natural she looked while still hiding all her acne. I guess what I’m trying to say is, make-up is a powerful thing. With only a little bit, you can completely change your image. If I wanted to go even further I would have contoured her nose and cheekbones and added highlight for an even more all around radiance.  But she was happy the way it was so if she is happy, I am happy.

Say it with me ladies, NO MORE SPIDER LEGS!