The Flowers of Spring and a Strawberry

Hello people who come and check out my blog, sorry I haven’t been on in a long time… I haven’t been busy but I am such a lazy loser that I haven’t updated anything. Which is complete bull because I have been working on a lot of new things.


Anyway today I decided to start taking pictures of everything that I am doing.  They aren’t perfect because I myself, am a beginner. I just want to record everything so that eventually I can see how far I’ve grown. 🙂


Here they are! It is now Spring and all the flowers are beginning to grow! My favorite season will always be Fall but that’s ok. Spring is nice too.



First off is a strawberry! Why? I don’t really know. I had a couple for breakfast and I just went upstairs and was like hey! I’ll make a strawberry on my eye. I used my Coastal Scents palette for the reds and Too Faced single shadow in Jealous? for the pop of green on the lower lid. Please excuse my horrible camera quality. I used my phone. Quick question… How in the hell do people take amazing pictures of their eyes without looking all oily or getting all blind because of the flash??





This look is inspired by the Azaleas flower.  They have to be one of my most favorite spring time flower. There’s a tiny amount of yellow on the antennae-like things so i decided to add that in the inner corner. I put a wash of the coral pink all over my lids, and then got a more red toned coral color and tried to do a cut crease. It didn’t go so well, but I enjoyed it.






For my last flower, I took my chances with the Birds of Paradise flower. I have these growing in my front yard and let me tell you, hummingbirds love that stuff.  I feel like I should have added more gold, but I did such a giant cut crease by accident. I added some deep red under my eye, and then a dark green under the red to represent the stem.



Well that’s all I have for now I hope you enjoy! If you guys really want to do me a favor, you will leave a comment on what I should try next!  Thanks for reading!








Villians in Vogue Contest Submissin “Geisha Snake”

Hello my lovely Bon-Bons! Well… I finally did it! I sent in a submission for the “Villians in Vogue” Contest held by Pinkstylist on Youtube. I linked his videos in my last post. I was finally able to think of a design and I really enjoyed the outcome of it.



Here is my submission. This was on a old channel I made, but then never ended up using, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of making a new channel so I just used this one.

My character’s name is Geisha Serpentine and her hobbies include fashion, beauty, wine-tasting, and poisoning men then drinking their blood. Yum. ❤


I hope you guys like it and please feel free to leave me a comment on what I should do next!

Thanks so much for reading! You should check out the other video responses too! The Queen of candyland was really funny!



Quickie Update on Face Off and Make Up Class!

Hello My Bon-Bons! This is going to be a quick update on what’s been going on. Yesterday was a very busy day for me, I had to go to my 4 hour class and it was busy busy busy!

Let’s start off with Face-Off. This weeks challenge was to create giants with two or more heads. They were put in teams and the best ones were Eric F and Kris, Autumn and Anthony, and House and Wayne. Eric F and Kris won the challenge because they had THE BIGGEST make-up ever to walk the stage of Face-Off. The created two giant heads and made the model’s head a small human that the giant was taking away. After weeks of being in second place, Eric F. finally won and I bet he felt great too.

Bottom looks were basically Jenna and Meagan. Now I don’t want to bash Jenna, but one reason the make-up looked so bad was because of her hands. They would constantly go numb and become to painful for her to work with. Now it’s unfortunate that her hands were messed up, but then why be in contest in which your sole number one tool is messed up? I think it’s a good idea she was sent home. She obviously needs to rest her hands and then get back to her craft. 

Well sorry I have to end this for now, I should be putting up a post later on my Theater Make-Up Class


Ana Calin

MAC Archie's Girls Lipstick in Daddy's Little Girl (7)Don’t worry it’s only the name of my new lipstick. I went out and got myself a newphoto-57 MAC lipstick from the “Archie’s Girls” collect. The MAC stores are beautifully decorated and have fun a fun vibe with this collection. My lipstick is from Veronica’s collection. I  love love love this colour is sexy yet classy and so elegant for Fall or evening. I first tried this at the store and on my way home I had women stop and ask me what I was wearing and a random guy that walked by me said “beautiful colour”.

photo-61It’s fair to say this is definitely a keeper! When wearing bold, dark colours it’s very important to first line the lips. In order for me keep this lipstick as true t its colour I lined my lips with MAC lip liner in Subculture. If you need tips on how to…

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Honey Yolk Facial Mask <3

Good evening my lovely Bon-Bons!

It’s been awhile since I did a post, I was in Las Vegas! It was my first time in Las Vegas Nevada and wow! I can’t even begin to explain how incredibly amazed I was! There were giant buildings with lights everywhere! There were clowns, show girls, show boys *wink wink* and the biggest Sephora I have ever seen in my life. There could be bigger Sephoras but I still need to find those.

Ok enough rambling, the day I went back home, I woke up with a sore throat and body pains. Two things I hate the most. It stinks but right now the cold is knocking everyone on their feet so I know I’m not the only one. So what can you do while your stuck in bed and your body hurts too much to do anything? Give yourself a small spa treatment that’s what. It only takes a few minutes I promise, and you’ll be left with tighter, lighter, and smoother skin. There are waiting periods, but you can just sit back and watch TV while your snuggled under a blanket while you wait. Alright so here it is!

This is my take on the Egg Mask. It’s a very easy and common facial that only uses one egg. First, you separate the egg white and yolk on separate plates. Then you beat the egg whites until it turns a little frothy. Then apply it on your face is a gentle massaging motion. Avoid your eye area if you can. Once your done, you let the egg completely dry. Your skin will feel tight and you might find it hard to move. It’s okay, the egg is actually lightening your skin and making it tighter. While you’re waiting for the egg to dry, you can make the second part of the mask.

Now I always read posts about ladies using honey masks, or rose water masks, or oatmeal masks, and extra virgin olive oil masks, but they are always separated. I wanted to try something new so I mixed a bunch of hydrating ingredients together and got this slimy gooey goodness. Here’s what you’ll need. (If you are lacking any of the ingredients, it’s completely fine just to use the egg yolk. It’s like a homemade conditioner for your skin.)

~The egg yolk

~2 Tbs of Organic Honey

~3 Tbs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

~ A pinch of cinnamon

Mix all of these ingredients together until you get a gooey like substance. You want to make sure the honey is evenly mixed in. You can microwave the honey before adding in the mixture to make it easier. Once all nice and mixed in, you can go wash off the egg white mask with warm water. 

Once it’s all rinsed off, apply your layer of the honey yolk mask. Make sure it’s even. The cinnamon made it smell a little yummy too. Now is the time to sit back and watch your TV. You want to wait about 15 minutes so the honey can be absorbed into the skin and dry on the outside. Try the smile test, if you can’t, it’s time to wash off the mask. Use a warmer water to help melt off the mask. Once done, give your face a small massage with your hands, doing so with gently rub off any dry skin you have on your face. Then do one final rinse. Pat dry and add your favorite moisturizer to your skin. Your skin should feel tighter and smoother. 

There you go! A home remedy you can make in minutes if your having a bad day or just want to give yourself a little spa treatment! I recommend only doing this once a week if you have dry skin and twice a week if you have extremely oily skin. I have oily skin so I’ll probably be doing this in about 3 days again. 

Hope this helps you guys out in anyway possible. Until next time!

If anything I’ll do a January Favorites post sometime this week.



Face Off Season 4 Episode 1

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!! My favorite series is back and WOW! These people are freaking amazing!! During the reveal stage, I was squealing like a little girl because of how amazing all the sculpts were.
Ok so here is a quick run down of the episode. SPOILER ALERT!!!!
There are 14 new contestants, well… 13 now. There is Eric F. House, Katie, Troy, Wayne, Anthony, Kris, Alam, Alexandra, Autumn, Eric Z, Jenna, Meagan, and Michael. That was a mouthful.
Ok now for the main challenge, the goal was to pick a geographical theme and incorporate it into a Goblin King’s mak-up. The themes were; desert, arctic, jungle, volcano, swamp, forest, and mountains. All the artists were amazing! Each sculpt was so unique and well thought out. However… not every fairy tale is perfect so he goes the critiquing.  They were each paired off with another artist which I shall tell you.
Katie & House: Arctic 

Ok this one I feel was some what unoriginal.Their Goblin King was an ice blue color, with a long bented nose and a super sharp chin. He had long white hair going down his body. They gave him icicle shoulders and detailing on the hands and dressed him in pale blue robes. To me, it literally looked like a realistic form of the Ice King from Adventure Time.  I am not kidding! The only thing he was missing was the pointy golden crown. So… yeah. We shall see how they grow in the competition.

Eric F. & Jenna: Desert

Wow. Just WOW! This team was amazing. Definitely an odd pair themselves, Eric and Jenna really took this challenge by storm. Both have a very dark, gothic, unique, horror feel to them and their sculpt was a beautiful work of art. The face was an bull skull with gold accents and black shading. The skin was colored perfectly to match the different hues you would find in a desert wasteland (Courtesy of Jenna). I can’t put as much as I want to, but their sculpt was awesome and I can see them going far in this competition.

Eric Z. & Autumn: Jungle

Ok now this team was fairly one sided. Autumn was the one who had the general idea and gave the  orders, while Eric followed them and at the same time, sculpted some of the most genius pieces that I have ever seen. It was anything new, it was that he was able to sculpt bark to match the muscle anatomy of an entire arm. Pretty freaking impressive for being the youngest. Represent!

Michael & Troy: Volcano

Alright now these two disappointed me. At the beginning, they had an awesome simple idea that I think could have taken them pretty far. I guess part of being an artist is not knowing when to stop. Michael wanted to add armor and such and that basically covered up most of their chest sculpt. Not to mention they added a ridiculous hat that looked like a party hat on fire. That decision led them to be on the worst list.

Alam & Kris: Forest 

Not much to mention on these two. They played it fairly safe by using simplicity as their friend. I actually think they had one of the best ones because elements of nature were added in really nicely, and realistically which is what you don’t see very often. Can’t wait until I see them use their full potential on a make-up.

Wayne & Alexandra: Swamp

Now to be honest, this wasn’t so much as a team effort. Alexandra did almost nothing, leaving Wayne to sculpt the mask, the back, the cowl and even do the coloring. It was a free ride for her because the sculpt itself was really good. They got the aspects of a crocodile down, but unfortunately, the coloring didn’t quite add up since they one had 45 minutes to apply make-up. So kudos to Wayne. I can see him going very far.

Meagan & Anthony: Mountain

I have saved the best for last!!! Alright now! It is extremely difficult to sculpt rocks. It is! You have to match the geometry, the texture, and the coloring. Anthony did it. He is the guy I am rooting for this competition. He has amazing skills as a painter and amazing skills as a sculptor. I don’t really have anything to say about Meagan. She just helped with the coloring and the costume. I don’t even know how to describe it! Just go watch the episode!

Who left?

Sadly, the one who was sent home tonight was Troy. Which made me super sad because his first idea was really good! I would have liked to see him learn more and grow but I guess those judges didn’t agree. 😡 Glen is such a meanie.

Now we shall see how next week turns out! I can’t wait!