Villians in Vogue Contest Submissin “Geisha Snake”

Hello my lovely Bon-Bons! Well… I finally did it! I sent in a submission for the “Villians in Vogue” Contest held by Pinkstylist on Youtube. I linked his videos in my last post. I was finally able to think of a design and I really enjoyed the outcome of it.



Here is my submission. This was on a old channel I made, but then never ended up using, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of making a new channel so I just used this one.

My character’s name is Geisha Serpentine and her hobbies include fashion, beauty, wine-tasting, and poisoning men then drinking their blood. Yum. ❤


I hope you guys like it and please feel free to leave me a comment on what I should do next!

Thanks so much for reading! You should check out the other video responses too! The Queen of candyland was really funny!




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