Quickie Update on Face Off and Make Up Class!

Hello My Bon-Bons! This is going to be a quick update on what’s been going on. Yesterday was a very busy day for me, I had to go to my 4 hour class and it was busy busy busy!

Let’s start off with Face-Off. This weeks challenge was to create giants with two or more heads. They were put in teams and the best ones were Eric F and Kris, Autumn and Anthony, and House and Wayne. Eric F and Kris won the challenge because they had THE BIGGEST make-up ever to walk the stage of Face-Off. The created two giant heads and made the model’s head a small human that the giant was taking away. After weeks of being in second place, Eric F. finally won and I bet he felt great too.

Bottom looks were basically Jenna and Meagan. Now I don’t want to bash Jenna, but one reason the make-up looked so bad was because of her hands. They would constantly go numb and become to painful for her to work with. Now it’s unfortunate that her hands were messed up, but then why be in contest in which your sole number one tool is messed up? I think it’s a good idea she was sent home. She obviously needs to rest her hands and then get back to her craft. 

Well sorry I have to end this for now, I should be putting up a post later on my Theater Make-Up Class


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