Update on Birthday Haul

Good evening my Bon-Bons!!
I am just doing a quickie update on a few products I got in my birthday haul. It’s been a few days so I have reviewed all of them and these reviews are my honest answers.

Ok! First up is the Benefits “They’re Real” mascara. I was so disappointed. I have heard only good things about this product but to me, it did not work. Maybe because it was a sample size and it could have been old already but the mascara gave me spider leg lashes. If there is one giant peeve I have  about make up, it’s spider leg lashes. Ugh! Makes me shiver in my seat. Anyway, the mascara clumped a lot. Yes, it didn’t make my lashes the blackest I’ve ever seen them, but I prefer length. I have  full lashes, they’re just short. But clumping is a mega no-no. Thank goodness it washed out easy for me.

Next is the NYX “mood” lip gloss. Like I said in my haul post, this has become my new go-to lip gloss. It gives amazing colour and shine without being sticky. I’ve also put it on top of my new lip liners and I created a gorgeous coral pink lip. This is an amazing product and for $4.99 I definitely recommend you go out and try this product.

Next is another amazing product and that is my NYX B-15 brush. This holy grail product makes blending so easy it should be illegal. It fits great in the outer crease area and just smokes out the shadows so awesomely. One thing I like to do is add a tiny amount of a nude colour shadow to the brush to help blend away harsh lines. I love this product! Maybe there are better ones, but for being so cheap it works great.

Last but not least is the NYX waterproof concealer. Now I have mixed feelings about this product. When I applied it, it went on creamy and gave me some great coverage, but over the day I noticed it kind of just melted off. I had to touch up in just three hours because it looked like it was fading away. If you’re wondering, yes I did set the concealer with powder but it still wore off. I can’t really give it a bad review because it was only $5.99. Amazing concealers can average out to cost about 15 bucks and it DID work before it faded. Since its all I have right now I will continue to use it. Hopefully I figure out how to fix the problem.

That’s it for this post! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have an awesome day



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