Face Off Season 4 Episode 2

Good evening my lovely Bon-Bons!

Here is the second post on my favorite show ever, Face Off!

Alright instead of wasting your time, I’m just going to get right into it.

So this weeks challenge was to create an original DC Comics super hero. The winner of this challenge, would get their creation featured in a new up coming 52 series. I’m guessing The Green Lantern Comics, because the concept designers for the comic, were helping the competitors figure out an idea and helped them sketch it out. Really cool challenge and prize if you ask me but unfortunately I think a majority of people missed the mark with this challenge.

Here’s all the contestants with their make up this week. I’ll put the name of their super heroes next to them.

Alam: Dark Shard

Now Alam’s original design was to have a super hero made out of shards of glass. He would have giant glass shards protruding out of his back and elbows and his face prosthetic was very straight and chiseled, very reminiscent of Batman: The Animated Series. Her color scheme was to have different shades of sky blue to create the mirror illusion of glass. Well not everything came out as planned. Having used  plexi-glass( I think) as the giant shards for the back, the piece was very flimsy and heavy so after applying it, it simply tore apart under it’s own weight. During Last Looks, Alam was forced to paint over the back piece. However when being judged, Glenn asked if the model could turn around and the judges saw that his back was poorly painted on, with actual skin spots showing. Not a very good week for her…

Alexandra: H2O Girl (I actually did not catch her name so if I’m wrong please comment the correct name!)

Alex’s idea was very familiar to a Star Wars Twi’ lek. You know the girls with two giant tentacle hair things that umm… well they just danced alot but yeah anyway, Alex’s idea looked very similar. Now her super hero was a female aquatic super hero with gills around her neck and two large tentacles that replaced her hair. Yes the design was similar, but the actual make-up that was done was impressive. The tentacles weren’t static and they moved freely, and the color scheme was blues, whites, light pinks, and greens. She should have spent more time making a chest piece or some other piece that would have distracted from the giant tentacles on the back of her head.

Wayne: SolarMan

Ok well what can I say about this make-up besides I think he just missed the pitch with this one. I have to say that his original concept was to create a cyborg super hero that seemed almost like a Titan with a giant physique with robotic details added into the prosthetic , but what he ended up with was very different. Now I think where he messed up was the color scheme he chose. He chose a very pale color and made it flat all around. There should have at least have been different metallic coloring to create dimension and having this super hero not ending up looking like if he was just a bulky blob. YOU NEED MORE DETAILS IN COLORING WAYNE!

Meagan: Freedom Fighter 

Quite a patriotic pieces with this one. Meagan’s design was creating a robot suit in the theme of the Twin Towers in New York City(More like  a War Machine knock-off). The suit was to be made from the Ground Zero metal. Nice idea she just couldn’t get what she had on paper into the clay. Her face piece was a bad mixture of curves and straight chiseled lines.  A safe artist would have chosen to stick with one or the other she mixed the two and created a very uneven, over-sized mask. She had also created two arm pieces that were shaped like the twin towers, however like Ve said, they ended up looking like two giant remotes on the sides of his arms.  Looks like she can’t rely on Anthony anymore.

House: Robot Girl

Now I actually thought that this one was far too much for this challenge but the end was result was pretty bad ass. House’s design was that the super hero was a robot japanese punk girl that fought crime in a tiny plaid skirt. His approach was on the Sci-Fy genre of comics but he did make it work. Her make-up was alot of wires and machinery running up from her back onto her skull. Lot’s of fake blood was added, however it wasn’t as gory due to the fact that instead of just leaving the blood like that, he mixed metallic colors in the blood and on the skin, giving the super hero a more robot sexy feel, than just gore.

Michael: Elijah: Bringer of Plagues

Unlike last week’s idea, Michael had a pretty cool design for this week’s challenge. He took inspiration from one of the oldest designs of the Grim Reaper, and made a super hero out of it. It actually looked more like a super villain, but hey! Who cares right? He spent most of his time creating a mask for the hero instead of working on anything else. Once done, the mask looked like the upper half of a bird’s beak made out of weak material. The coloring didn’t really add much to it. He could have even added jewel detailing to the mask to add something but he chose not to. On the stage, his hero did look cool with the complete costume. He did look like a bringer of plagues, however like Glenn stated, he could have done so much more than focusing on a crummy mask.

Jenna: SilverSight

This week Jenna made a character that was half WonderWoman and half Hawkwoman. Being that it was so obvious that it wasn’t really an original idea, I figured she would at least add something that would make it truly hers, but she really didn’t. The make-up was Hawkwoman while the armor was all Wonderwoman. Fine I guess, but all in all it was pretty boring. It was something we’ve all seen already.

Eric Z.: Contagion

So at the beginning when everyone was sketching out their designs, I had very high hopes for this guy. His design was a chemist version of Dr. Freeze, created in the honor of his father. The design was really cool with a giant glass helmet with tubes trailing down his neck, onto his shoulders, and then down his back. His color scheme was of course neon greens and yellows, with rusty browns and blacks to add definition and ruin to his costume. The idea was so good I could only watch in horror as he changed it all around. Instead of the giant glass helmet, he made a very uneven welding mask. Two tubes came out of it and went down his back. The colors looked muddy and overall he ruined a great idea.

Anthony: The Infernal Core

Woot go Anthony! Sorry ladies but he’s my favorite for a good reason. His design was more on the elemental  side of super heroes. He created a molten lava guy who fought against people who harmed the Earth. Now originally he had created a very large back piece and a chest piece that would mimic the look of rocks and he would color like the molten plates beneath us. However he did not use his timing wisely and on Application Day, he had to abandon his two main pieces because they would not come out of the mold, plus he would have still have had to clean them, trim then and then color them. On to Plan B then! Anthony created a costume with large shoulders and a fairly small waistline which in my opinion was genius! It made his shoulders look bigger without being too bulky. His make-up was great. Ve said he hit the mark with the lava coloring which most contestants can’t usually do.

AutumnMercury Ray

All of all of the contestants, Autumn was the only one whose model actually looked like a super hero. The underwear over the tights, the cape, and the crazy colors were all checked out. Her concept was a phoenix super hero who i believe controlled fire. Now although it was the most super hero one, I think she went over board with the coloring. For the phoenix design she chose red, orange, and yellows. However that’s it! The colors were very flat with not a lot of dimension with anything. It looked like one red hot mess. Too bright for the eyes.

Kris: Orion X

I am going to be completely serious and honest right now. I cannot say much about this guy. To me, his super hero looked like a blue bloated SuperMan. That’s it. He’s doesn’t have a lot of screen time so I don’t know what else to say. Hey! SyFy! Add more screen time for him! It’s kinda sad how you don’t…

Katie: Re-Volt

Alright!! One of those people who really missed the mark with the design. Now I’e learned not to be too judgmental because I know everyone has not had the same childhood. Growing up in a male dominant household, comics, cartoons, sci-fi, and horror was all around the house. So I’ve picked up a few things growing up,  but I have learned that some people my age don’t even know who Wonderwoman is. So sometimes, it’s hard for them to create an image because  of that. Katie’s look was very out of the place. I believe she tried taking inspiration from House, due to the fact they both had punk details added to their design. Her idea was to make an inventor who had created his own weapons harboring electricity and becoming a vigilante. Nah. Her mask looked like a styrofoam kiki mask. No joke. She had wires coming out of everywhere and had her model’s hair pointing straight up like he had been shocked. Not one of the best looks…

Eric F.: Dick Gritty

Last but not least! Eric F. Last week he was paired with Jenna and together they created an awesome make-up and he did just as good working alone. I’ve taken into account that he specializes in horror and gore and the way he added it to his make-up was very impressive. Taking a more Noire approach, he created a masked cowboy hero who had been attacked and left for dead. He overcame his injuries and created a way to contain all his guts and brains inside his body. That’s not even the cool part! When the model would breath, the prosthetic lungs would actually move under an acrylic plate, giving off an awesome illusion that you could actually see his lungs. Impressive to say at the very least!


Now I looked over my last Face Off post and I noticed I didn’t really say who won the challenge and I am sorry for that.  So I’e created a small section where you can get the info! Here goes!

(P.S. Anthony won the challenge last week. yay!)

Bottom 3 Looks




Top 3 Looks



Eric F.


This week’s winner is….


Even after going through a huge drawback in his original design, with some quick thinking, he managed to make the costume give him the shape he was looking for and with an awesome make-up application, he went home today a winner.

Who Left?

Sadly the person who was sent home was Michael. I agree with Glenn when he said he had no idea where he used up all his time. He could have done so much more instead of just a plain mask. I do hope he continues to practice hard and eventually make his way up. The guy has awesome designs, he just needs to put them in the actual make-up.

Well that’s the end of this week’s post. It took me a lot longer than expected but that’s ok. I’m sorry if I missed a couple of things. It’s 11 pm and I am tired. But you guys come first so I wanted to finish the post up by tonight.





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